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AULT is an Innovation Management group by inventors. We are very specific to our chosen innovation strategies from ideation, product development to commercialization stages.The disruptive technologies at AULT innovations for the Industry 4.0 includes sensor-based field and resource mapping ,Remote crop monitoring ,Climate monitoring and forecasting ,Predictive analytics for crops & presition Faming, Connected machines & system monitoring, Driver safety systems, Remote monitoring of patient’s vital signs, Automated device-to-analytics data flow, Remote device configuration and tuning, Predictive device maintenance, Smart labels, Smart File tracking,Efficient public services tracking, Smart public safety systems, Radio Astronomy Solutions, Connected sytems for disaster managment and mitigations, hybrid mode communication devices and communication protocol designs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research and to achieve our mission, and the end goal is to have plug-n-play smart objects that can be deployed in any environment with an interoperable interconnection backbone that allows them to blend with other smart objects around them and build an “IoT” ecosystem which can communicate without Internet.

Our Plan

The world of the Internet of Things consists of a planet where billions of objects can sense, communicate and inter-connectedly share information with each other over public or private Internet Protocol (IP) networks. These interconnected objects have data regularly collected, analyzed and utilized to initiate action, providing a wealth of intelligence for planning, management and decision making.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize how mobile data connectivity for the “Internet of Things” is sourced, deployed and managed.The vision of the future internet based on standard communication protocols considers merging of computer networks, Internet of Media (IoM), Internet of Services (IoS), and Internet of Things (IoT) into a common global IT platform of connected networks and networked “things”.

Products and Services

We are a service oriented product development company based on researh domains exclusivily for contract research & Innovation, innovative product development & services with FOSS,technology & business continuity consulting, design and consulting for optimized IoT product prototype development,Innovative technology research and smart digital solutions.

Smart Digital Solutions.

Leading clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative industry 4.0 technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale and technology insight.

Innovative Technology Development.

We are working with Universities to push the frontiers of knowledge, they become a powerful engine for innovation and Industry growth. Visit our support forums to get assistance in every situation.

Contract Research & Innovation.

We'd be glad to work with you to develop innovations of your own solutions or working prototypes from wearable technology to low power long range communication.

Optimized IoT Product Prototype.

Ault ProtoLabs has capable of developing prototypes for the big time and leading the transition from lab to a viable IoT products by managing the IoT capabilities, scalability and security.

Techno-Business continuity consulting.

Our consultants are helping clients to build competitive, cost-effective, and high quality multi-channel technology products with the latest trends and tools.

Innovative Product Development & Services.

We build solutions with connected devices in practically any industries from manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, transportation, smart energy and communication and radio astronomy solutions.

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AULT's technology solutions transform the way companies create, operate and service products. Increasingly, those are smart, connected products, in the Internet of Things.


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